NOTE: The following info was written for the 2020 event. We will leave it here and edit as needed. Hopefully we will not have to take the same approach this fall, but know that we are prepared to take the same precautions in 2021 as we did last year.  


Coronavirus is a very much uninvited participant to Ridge to the River. We, the race committee, recognize the seriousness of this pandemic, and to that end, have structured the event so as to minimize the possibility of transmission. We cannot guarantee the absence of COVID-19 at the 2020 R2R. But we can make responsible decisions guided by the CDC and the State of Maine. To that end, we've compiled information for you to read in preparation for the event. Thank you again for understanding that the 2020 event is happening during an unprecedented time, and we're fortunate to have some creative folks on our committee who are committed to seeing this race succeed under very difficult circumstances. Information will be added and updated as needed.

  • Participants will not enter the stadium area until their wave is called. We recommend that while you are waiting for your start time, you wait at your car or warm up on the road or trails while maintaining 6' distancing.

  • Race format will be wave starts with 10 runners per wave. This will allow for 6' distancing between runners. Waves will start two minutes apart.

  • When at the start, runners will stand at least 6' apart from others, and be asked to maintain this distance before, during, and after the race. Please alert others when passing. We highly recommend wearing a mask you can pull up to cover your mouth and nose when near other runners.

  • We will require participants to wear masks at all times EXCEPT when racing on the course.

  • Our volunteers and staff members will wear masks at all times during the event for your protection.

  • We have greatly reduced the number of our volunteers this year. We therefore will not have volunteers at registration or aid stations.

  • We have reduced the number of aid stations to two: one at the finish and another at the approximate halfway point of the half and full marathons. Because of this strategic location, 10k runners and untimed hikers will pass this station once; half marathoners will pass it twice, and marathoners will pass it four times. We highly recommend you bring enough sustenance to last you the portions of course that do not have aid stations. We will have single-serve snacks available, some grab-and-go water bottles, and are working on a solution to safe water/energy drink dispensing.

  • We are extremely fortunate to have the support of Sunday River Rescue and Mahoosuc Mountain Rescue personnel. For your safety, these volunteers will be stationed at various points along the course, equipped with first aid supplies and radios to call for more support if needed. 

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