2019 Race Results:


Welcome to the inaugural Mahoosuc Ridge to The River Challenge! This years’ trail running race will reward 10k’ers with farms, paved and logging roads, beautiful views, forests and trails, while an additional 8 mountain peaks, stunning vistas, and the soon-to-be-infamous (and possibly despised) Spruce Cliffs and Aftershock await the half-marathoners. And then there’s the Maine Brew Fest and food trucks at Sunday River…it’ll be worth signing up for the race just for the festivities.

True to its backcountry nature, this event offers approximate distances, and may differ year-to-year. This is not your typical 10k or 13.1….put aside your plans for a PR and gear up for your new yearly challenge.


  • Start/finish: Race start is at Mahoosuc Land Trust’s Valentine Farm at 162 North Road in Bethel. Race finish is at South Ridge at Sunday River. All races start at 9am; untimed hikers/walkers start at 9:05am. If you happen to have anything that needs to be shuttled to the finish from the start there will be a bag check back to the finish from Valentine Farm.
  • Parking: Ample parking is available at the finish at Sunday River, with free shuttles to the start from 7:00am-8:30am. Please put any belongings you need to leave at Valentine Farm in a bag with your name. We will shuttle all bags to Sunday River after the start of the race.
  • Pre-registration: 5:30-7:30pm at The Meeting House in Newry. Come early, grab your race bib, t-shirt, sign your waiver AND have a great meal! We’ll all be more relaxed on Saturday morning if you do 🙂
  • Registration and bib pick-up: 6:30am-8:15am at Sunday River Discovery Center. You MUST park and register at Sunday River before taking the shuttle to the start at Valentine Farm.
  • Facilities: Port-a-pots will be available at the start and the finish.
  • Cut-off Times: There will be 4 locations with cut-off times. These locations and times will be posted asap. We WILL send you back down the mountain if you haven’t made the cut-off time for your safety as well as the safety of our rescue team.
    • Cut-off times and locations:
    • Mile 4.5, ​​​​​​​Aid Station #2 at Moonstruck: 10:45am
    • Mile 7, pre-Spruce Cliffs: 12:30pm
    • Mile 8, post-Spruce Cliffs: 1:30pm
    • Mile 10, Jordan Hotel: 2:30pm
  • Aid Stations: There will be aid stations located approximately every 3 miles along the course. First aid kits, wilderness first responders, water, energy drinks, and various types of snacks will be available at every station.


  • 10k(ish)/Hiking/Untimed: A mix of logging roads, trails, and ski slopes with a paved road start. Perfect for all ability levels!
  • Half-marathon (or somewhere thereabouts): A mix of logging roads, trails, ski slopes, steep & rocky hills, and several mountain peaks with a paved road start. Prepare thyself.

10k(ish)/Hiking/Untimed, and Half-marathon (or somewhere thereabouts): After the paved road teaser of about 1.4 miles, you will enter the woods and encounter rough, rocky, rolling double track on old logging roads and snowmobile trails, along with single track on trails and rocky/rooty foot-snaggers. Just when you start thinking, “This ain’t so bad,” you begin a long, arduous ascent through the Bethel Community Forest to a height of land where you begin a descent to the Sunday River Ski Resort and the Moonstruck Trail (Here, both courses are almost entirely on the Sunday River Hiking Trail system–see map https://www.sundayriver.com/Documents/Sunday%20River/Maps/sunday-river-hiking-map-and-scenic-views-2019.pdf). This is where you 10k runners begin your traverse across trails, ski slopes and dirt access roads to the finish at South Ridge Ski Resort at Sunday River. But for you half marathoners, it’s just getting interesting. Now you get to scramble up the course’s biggest climb, the 1000 vertical foot single track known as “After Shock” and over Sunday River summits (hitting the infamous Spruce Cliffs and the 3000’ + Jordan Peak), loping along a rocky mountain ridge with spectacular views – if it’s clear, that is. Along the entire course, we have strategically filled the trails with rocks, roots, muddy ditches, boulders, and steep ledges. (Truthfully, we found all those goodies already in place and decided to leave them so you can enjoy them as much as we did while laying out the course. We left the bears in the mountains too, but most likely your heavy breathing will alert them from a mile away and you’ll never get to see any). After traversing the pointless ups and downs along the ridge you will descend on gnarly ski trails but also a few merciful stretches of packed gravel access roads. A cold beer from one of Maine’s craft brewers will be waiting for you. If, when you finish, you find the course didn’t suck enough, please give us specific feedback so we can rectify that for next year.

Half Marathon Elevation Profile:

Half Marathon Course (Pink) and 10-ish K Course (Purple dash):


Locally-made prizes and goods will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Age group prizes (top 3 women and men): 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+
  • Team (mens, womens, and mixed; minimum 3 people per team)
  • Overall: top 3 women and top 3 men
Photo: Dirk McKnight


Sign up now to hang out in the tasting tent (up to 100 craft brews!) at Sunday River after your race (limited tickets available). Or wander over to the outdoor bar and turn in your ticket for your one FREE beer–included in your registration fee!

Food trucks galore will be waiting for you at South Ridge–we’ll make a list of trucks as soon as that info comes in. Note that food other than that at the aid stations will not be included in your registration fee.


Don’t want to race but would like to be involved? We can surely find a place for you! Contact our volunteer coordinator.


When three Bethel-area non-profits got together, something big happened. Well, more than one thing, actually. Mahoosuc Land Trust aims to conserve land to benefit the natural areas and communities in the Mahoosuc Region; Mahoosuc Pathways strives to connect communities through trails; and The River Fund focuses on creating a bright future for youth through education and recreation. And when they realized they could do more good together, the Ridge to The River was created.

This collaboration not only brings an incredible new event to the area, but it also supports the missions of these organizations by highlighting the value of our lands, recreational opportunities, and community & youth development. Thank you for being a part of this exciting event and supporting our collaboration!



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